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Monday, 20 June 2016



I just tried this place last week, and enjoyed the poke bowl (went with the original sauce). It seems like everyone I know is heading to Hawaii this summer, so poke is definitely on my mind.


The mixing of different batches worries me. Like you mentioned, you never know the age of the fish at the bottom of the serving tray.

John M. Dowd

I've been on a Poke exploration tear lately. The two places that I thought the best were Poke UTC and Rolled Up in Hillcrest. I thought the quality of the fish at both of these places was better and only these two places have Yellowtail. Pokirito says they have Hamachi, but one of the managers confessed to me that they will not be carrying that because it is "expensive". Still have to get to SD Poke Co., I will be going back to UTC and Hillcrest, but the others fall in to the disappointing category.

Gelson's in PB is serving some really good Poke Ahi regular and spicy and I've seen Salmon and Tako @ about $12/13 a pound, that is a very good deal. Also L&L just opened across the street. L&L is what it is, but that L&L is incredibly generous with their portions to the point I thought they might be making a mistake in how much they give. I had the BBQ Chicken and Beef plates. My 16 year old swimmer/water polo player could not finish his plates and he regulars eats 1.5 Los Dos Pedros Breakfast Burritos (extra bacon).

2 random questions - are you Mr. K to Kirby? And, do you drive a black Mercedes with a "Loco Moco" license plate? Promise, I'm not stalking you, but I was wondering if that was you parking near me at Costco near the stadium.

Thanks for you words, I've shared your site with many people.


hopefully they can keep improving


Lately there is an explosion of poke business, I see it in Zion and one being built across from Mitsuwa and another coming in University Village in Riverside. Does anyone knows sudden explosion of this kind of food business?


This took the spot of the former Tropical Fruit Paradise (the7 had good tortas). San Diego is experiencing a Poke explosion.


Hope you get some good stuff in Hawaii Sandy. It'd nothing like what you get here.

Quite true Jason.

Yes, totally Kat!

It's because they found a fast-casual concept that they can cash in on Brian. Low food and labor cost and they can ride the wave of popularity.

Hopefully we'll survive the inevitable implosion CC!


The transistion must be rough. 😉


LOL Billy!


Unfortunately, I am not heading to Hawaii anytime soon :-( I'll have to go back soon to SD Poke Company to get my fix.

John M. Dowd

Zion Market has a new Poke Restaurant in the food court area (no Hamachi).


Papa Luna's Empanadas in PB (which is now closed) had a sign on it's door that said it was going to offer "poke bowls" (under a new moniker, I assume).


Bummer Sandy!

Hi John - Looks like this year's ramen! Everyplace is serving poke.....

Spreading like wildfire CC!


Going a bit off-topic: The old Fish Bucket in Tierrasanta has a new sign for rice ramen bowls. That's a lot of carbs!


I saw that can compelte the set with a side of gyoza!


My wife and I were up in Hollywood a few weeks ago to see the Cure, and we stumbled on something similar -- PokiNometry -- you choose the base starch, the fish, the toppings, the sauce. My wife and I have eaten tons of poke over the years -- on all the main islands of Hawaii, and here in California -- and we were impressed with the quality and flavor. Really good. There are only two stores now (Hollywood and Anaheim) -- hope they expand to the south!

John M. Dowd

Another new Poke place - It's on Pearl St. in La Jolla, just east of LJ Blvd...close to Ohana Cafe...Pokegeddon is hitting San Diego.


We'll see Peter. I did have some pretty good poke recently, I'll have to see if they can do it twice in a row.

What a name John...... And I don't think I'm Mr K. And I don't drive a Mercedes....and good lord, I'd never have vanity plates! ;o)


I've gone here a few times as it's not too far from my office. It's pretty decent; basically poke places like this are turning into the equivalency of a Panera or a Subway - a place to eat something reasonably healthy (and low carb at times) with solid quality.

The ironic thing about all these places now offering poke everywhere is i'm starting to realize i legitimately have no idea what Poke should actually taste like outside of a giant sushi salad with soy sauce.


Hi Seth - I believe most are in the same boat as you regarding what traditional poke is. Unfortunately, I'm born and raised in Hawaii and grew up eating the stuff. My first poke bowl here was decent; the second, was not very good. As for the Panera comparison....that's why I call places like this "Chi-Poke". I think our definition of "quality" vary. Even "back home" I'm pretty picky about my poke.

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