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Wednesday, 22 June 2016



It would nice if the palate in satx wasn't so singular. Lucky you more adventures to come.

Soo @ hungryones

Doh! I didn't get a chance to try Mike's BBQ.


Wow, I hope things get better Billy. Variety is the spice of life!

The Escondido location is still open Soo!


Interesting. I thought the RakiRaki owner scooped up the old Dumpling Inn spot. Maybe he's focusing more on Pokirrito and new yakitori joint where Bab's used to be.


I think he did it to block Yakyudori getting the spot Junichi. That's why they are opening Hino on Clairemont Mesa Blvd.


Mike's BBQ was OK at best, not that I wanted them to go out of business. If they were a thriving business, they could have complied with AQ, though it's not cheap, it's something like $200K to get smoke scrubbers. Phil's in Hillcrest ended up doing that after years of battling with his neighbors.

FWIW, Ye Olde Barbeque on Thorne is much, much better than Mike's was. Though with a brand new house being built three feet away from their smokers, I can't imagine they're not going to get AQ complaints pretty soon.


Hey Mike - I heard the price was 260k, and I don't think they're doing that much business. Also, even after Phil installed the scrubbers they still harassed him....and of course, eventually he leftand built his kingdom. Not the biggest fan of Mike's, but what I heard from the several people was kind of sad.

Jim Gottlieb

I assume this "Boba Bar" is a branch of the shop of the same name in the Zion food court.


Yes, Jim, I can confirm that this is a second location for Boba Bar. I follow them on IG and they've posted about it there. Super happy to see this location since my boba cravings are often late night, and Zion of course closes at 9.

Jim Gottlieb

Of course, G., you have no shortage of late-night boba options available already. Tea N More, Tea Station, Inifini Tea, Sharetea, Sam Woo & Tapioca Express are all open until midnight (many until 1 am on weekends). Several others are open until 23:00 (Kung Fu Tea, Boba Time, Up2You, Tea Garden).

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