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Tuesday, 24 May 2016



Great write up, mouth-watering descriptions even for a mainly vegan guy like myself. Loved the photo of the counter. Took me back 50 years to the counter at the pharmacy in downtown Oceanside where I used to eat with my dad. Thanks!

Ed  (from Yuma)

As a child, I had many club sandwiches with my grandmother at the lunch counter at Newberry's or Woolworth's (they were across the street from each other in Medford OR c. 1960). So, yeh ken, this takes me back too.


As a former resident of Yuma, I miss its Mexican flavours and culinary adventures as often found on the north side of town. This review leaves me with mixed feelings: happy I am that the city continues to offer such unexpected delights but sad I am not to be able to partake from up here in Canada.

On the nostalgia side of things, just like the Sant family of Sant Drug Co., I was raised in a family-run pharmacy. I know the good folks there, but, sad to say, I never ate at the counter.

Enjoyed the review. It gives me another reason to return as a winter visitor.


That's a lot of good looking eats.
Any and all fries goes down with me unless it's soggy.


Who doesn't like lettuce in burritos?! I suppose you are the same people who poo poo lettuce in That's what I thought. ;)

Awesome post and what a cool throwback place that lives on by providing quality Mexican food. I want one here in San Diego!

Ed  (from Yuma)

Good hearing from you, Kevin. I had eaten at Sant Drugs previously, but most of the time, the food was nothing special (though briefly a dozen years ago, it served Puerto Rican food).

Fries are usually good, billy, it's just that I expected better considering all the other stuff I'd had.

Thanks, jan, for the nice comments. It's great that somebody can make that luch counter work here in 2016.

Soo @ hungryones

Wow! Awesome lunch counter! I miss the lunch counter at Woolworth's in downtown San Diego. Was a great store and lunch counter. Nice looking potato tacos. I haven't found many good ones here.

Ed  (from Yuma)

Soo, it is nice to have it there. Most folks don't remember lunch counters anymore. Fast food has made them an endangered species.

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