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Sunday, 15 May 2016



ha! matthew and I were just saying the same thing about that poke place. we'll see! =) since, not much does well in that location.


I wonder if poke is (finally) becoming a thing in the USA outside of the West Coast or Hawai'ian enclaves.


Hi Lynnea - Yeah, that is a pretty slow location.....though I'm not sure how much that parking lot can handle for lunch anyway!

It is Dan. Over the last 2 years or so Poke has been one of the hottest things in the OC.


I saw the Poki (where did the "i" come from?!?) place when we were at Nishiki Ramen the other night. There might be enough poke(!) places around town to do a comparison soon.


That's kind of the plan Jack!

Michael Gardiner

OK. I'm having some trouble understanding why anyone would want the milk of a beast known for spitting when they're angry...


Anything for health benefits, right Michael? Even this:

Bottoms up!

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