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Monday, 16 May 2016


Soo @ hungryones

Doh! Rancid oil doesn't inspire me to visit...


No dumplings. Interesting. I thought the fillings were a little bland but the wrappers made up for it.


Hi Soo - Might just be on this day....I'd still go ahead and try them out.

Really strange Junichi. I did like their mandu guk......




Can you imagine no dumplings at a dumpling shop Kat?


So strange Kirk. I usually went there for the mandu guk too as well as the fried mandu. I hope it reappears.


I'm hoping it's just a temporary thing as well Jack.


About Myung-in, the deal is, these are the folks that ran "Happy Family" at the old Zion/U-Mart location on Mercury. Seems like they bought the rights to the name only. Rumor is that they are not allowed to sell Korean-Chinese noodle dishes like HK--hence the lack of "jjamppong" and "jajangmyeon" on the menu, and "hot and spicy pork" rather than "sweet and sour." They do have one dumpling dish on the menu, the same fried dumplings they sold at Happy Family.


Hi JKP - Thanks for the clarification. Not sure why they didn't keep the Happy Family name.....the current situation makes things more confusing. Plus, it really messes up the Myung In brand, but I guess they don't really care. Strange, I didn't see fried mandu among the 8 dishes offered when I visited. Glad for the Happy Family folks though; they were always very nice.


We saw them at the Zion food court this weekend but I didn't look closely at the menu, so I had no idea they no longer have dumplings. That seems like a very strange decision on their part.


Hi Kirbie - Same here.....

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