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Saturday, 21 May 2016



It's always a treat to "see" the floats from the early stages up to fully decorated. Thanks for showing us something that we don't normally get to see. I look forward to seeing the floats' progress in the coming months. THH and Copenhagen...good stops! I always want to get every pastry at Copenhagen but I don't, ha ha.

Now THAT is a sausage sandwich. Why can't San Diego eateries do that, eh. I like that the total cost of your breakfast at Burger Basket is less than the price you would pay at those overpriced hipster breakfast joints.



Soo @ hungryones

Thanks for starting your documentary of next year's floats!

I like the looks of that burger. The breakfast sausage are huge! I'm use to mini size ones...


The way things work has always been fascinating for both of us, cc. The little quick trips North are also fun to do, especially with new and fun food stops (thanks for also taking vacations up there). Yes, the $12 Burger Basket breakfast is a great deal, just as good (or better) in flavors than a lot of places.

It was a great sandwich, Bill.

I enjoy sharing these particular adventures, Soo...the road test was only mentioned on Facebook on Friday, so it was a spur of the moment trip for us. The food at Burger Basket was outstanding and unexpected...although when we got into the parking lot and there was only one empty space, we should've known.


Great post. We'll have to make my uncle from Corona take us to Burger Basket.
Our 10-year-old played in the Mira Mesa area school concert last night and we got to hear the Mira Mesa marching band play God Bless America and Ode to Joy for the first time since they brought up the rear of the Rose Parade is past January. Wow! It was much better in person than seeing them on TV at the end of marching for 5 miles playing the same two short songs over and over. They kind of put my high school band to shame.


Thanks, JF! The bands for the 2018 Rose Parade have been invited: not only do they submit videos for consideration a year in advance, the preparation (conditioning and fund raising) for the rigors of the parade has to be part of it no matter what, even for the youngsters who will graduate before their band goes to Pasadena (BandFest is so informative). You'll like Burger Basket.

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