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Tuesday, 31 May 2016



Thanks for the new foods link - I just clicked on it and nothing seemed all that amazing (at the moment at least). Are there still Albertsons in SD? Most Albertson/Haggen locations seem empty right now after Haggen left.

Soo @ hungryones

Boy I can't wait to eat the delicious fried food! I like getting pan fried chicken at that booth. I didn't know they had a healthy plate too...


I'm looking forward to going to the fair this year! I get 4 free tickets because I'm an educator, woo hoo, so yay for that. I liked seeing those roasted vegetables - healthy! I'm not sure which bad fried stuff we'll try this year but we'll definitely get at least one thing because it's the fair!

Haha, it looks like they dressed up Don Diego as the Johnny Depp version of the Mad Hatter (the Tim Burton version of "Alice in Wonderland"?). That's kind of freaky but funny. Too bad the sequel tanked at the box office.

I like that they incorporated the classic John Tenniel illustrations in their PR for the fair. The steampunk aspect will probably confuse the elderly. Still, it's a cool theme, "Mad About the Fair"...


The only things being considered are the fried cinnamon apple rings and deep fried pizza...because I know I like each of those in their un-fried state, Faye. At first I could immediately think of four Albertsons, then I looked online and those are the only ones in the county. Technically four cities (Lakeside, El Cajon, La Mesa and San Diego) but those last three locations are within one mile of each other.

Some of the newer fried foods do look interesting, Soo. The pan fried chicken booth has always had grilled asparagus and artichokes available; I think I posted about one of those a few years ago.

Glad you could get tickets, CC; I'm thinking the Fair Administration is trying to offer discounts to see if more money will be spent inside the gates (instead of at the gate). We do try food items that are indulgent, but not as many in one day as we used to. The interspersing of steampunk and cosplay seems to be a way to get all ages to attend this classic event.

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