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Sunday, 03 April 2016



:( Gosh,you can't even see the bean sprouts.


But aren't bean sprouts usually super-cheap? I wonder why they cut back on those. Drought affecting farms, maybe?




Hi CC - Yes, they're playing hide and seek....

Hi Jessica - I think it's easy to cut those items since some folks don't even use it. It would be better to ask if they want the sprouts and basil, then give a decent amount.

Kind of sloppy Kat!


Offended by a non-offensive dish? ;) Have you ever taken a stab at making this at home? Or are you like me where I've tried making certain dishes, like Pho, once just to see what it was like and then quickly realized that it's better to get it from a restaurant?


Any restaurant can have a hiccup and turn out a mediocre dish on occasion but the propensity of lame Pho being put out can be blamed on the lack of an owner’s presence/involvement in the kitchen. Too many investors and not enough cooks.


You bet Jan. I've made pho at home, but it has to made in rather large quantities. I'm totally offended by the dumbing down of dishes.....

Hi alnc - It can also be attributed to not really caring about what is put out and putting profits way ahead of quality.


No tendon? Microwave noodles? Sounds like I'll go elsewhere for Bo Kho.


They actually microwaved the Beef Stew base Junichi. The noodles were very good as they prep those to order in front of you. I would advise you to go elsewhere for your Bo Kho though....

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