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Wednesday, 20 April 2016



kinda hit or miss..


I'm still dang at the $.


Truly Kat!

Pretty pricey Billy!


Looks like the flavors don't fully justify the prices.


Wow, 5 dollar tacos... i hope this doesn't become a trend. Glad they reduced their price.


I agree Junichi.

Well Jason, I hope you haven't seen the prices at Galaxy Taco!

soo @

That's good the prices went down. I'll have to give it a try. Those tortillas look interesting...

Long Lost Cousin


A little harsh i must say.."hipster" taco scene? Woah...

Bland? Are we talking about the same place?

I know people who drive down all the way from LA just for Perla.

Not sure your taste buds are callibrated correctly.

What is your take on RakiRaki in their current incarnation?


Give it a try Soo!

Well LLC - Here's the deal....I've posted on other places that do what I call "hipster tacos" but you had no problem with that.
So how about the Huffington Post:

I can only tell you what I taste and my opinion based on multiple visits. My posts speaks for itself. I encourage folks to give these places a try.....just in case my "tastes need calibration", though they've served me well for over a decade.
You can do a search on RakiRaki and find out what I think. Since you like to make suggestions, I have one for you...perhaps you need to get out more......


I recently saw that they lowered their prices. It's time for a revisit. And yes,these are hipster tacos.


It's a better deal now that they've dropped their prices a bit CC. Though almost 5 bucks for that Veg taco still gave me sticker shock when my taco arrived.


Um, yes hipster tacos...I have a hard time paying close to $5 for a taco. Maybe for a one-off visit but not for a go-to place.

Long Lost Cousin

Hey Kirk.

I've been around the block, i assure you.

I think you try certain places with a negative mind set ahead of time and yiou look to comfirm your pre-conveived notion. Human nature.

I have sent half a dozen frinds to Perla and they were smitten. As was the Reader and City Beat.

I ask about RakiRaki because i understand they have upped their game and revised the menu a bit recently. Maybe i have it wrong.

I would also be curious as to yiur take on Grand Old BBQ.


You should check them out Jack.

Well LLC - Your preconceived notions about my preconceived notions could not be further from the truth. Regardless of what I hear or read, I try to go into every meal with an open mind. I've been doing this a long time. And what's a bit different about me is, I'll make it a point to return to a place that I didn't care for the first time around. Thus three visits to Perla. The Del Mar is quite good. The rest, not so much in my opinion. I'm glad you enjoy the place so much, that you can recommend them to visitors. Me, not so much. I know that Pokirrito has opened. I'm going to wait until the crowds die down a bit. Might take a while since the owner is quite a master at creating a buzz.

Long Lost Cousin

Fair enough.

Point noted about multiple trips.

Yes, the owner of RakiRaki is a master of buzz, no doubt.

I fear His new venture will not fare well with you, because i think it would be a good assumption that you know your Poke.

Check out the tacos at Braccero please.


Well LLC - His opinion of poke is kind of interesting.

"It's kind of boring"

Then he takes a small amount of fish and basically makes a salad. Strange times.

I really liked Bracero, but I usually don't do posts on local more upscale places like Bracero, Juniper & Ivy, etc....
The beef cheek was really good; though I've been spoiled by carrillada in Spain.

Long Lost Cousin

Yeh, i think it is an odd venture...not in a rush to try it..and will add more misery to an already horrendous parking situation.

Agree avout the Bracerro beef cheek. Although i am not sure why you would not blog about it, you have done other places on par...a meal at Sushi Tadokoro will cost as much or more.

I am going to try the Nobu happy hour this W/E.

Long Lost Cousin

Doble k:

You inspired me to hit Perla at lunch.

I inputed your data into my algorithm and the program spat the following conclusion:

"KK taste buds require recalibration, immediate attention required."



LLC - You inspired me to grab some great tacos for wasn't from Perla.

Long Lost Cousin to share? is a tip...try the croissants from the bakery across the in town...i don't usually like anything but tradditonal butter, but almond ones there are off the hook.

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