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Thursday, 28 April 2016



I really miss this type of shops after moving out of SoCal

Soo @ hungryones

The karage and tempura appetizer are tempting. :-)


I forgot about the Shizuoka change. I'm glad that the new owners have honored the previous owners and customers. Good luck to them. I always liked that little place, reminded me of some of the smaller mom and pop places I grew up around in Hawaii. Not quite the same food mind you but the great family feel.

Ed  (from Yuma)

New owners of a fav spot is always kindof scary. It sounds like it worked this time. Like billy says, I wish there were a Japanese place that good out here.


This place is the 'Mom and Pop' restaurant we are always looking to find, Bill; not so easy anymore.
The person who runs the fryer here is quite talented, Soo.
I agree completely, Jack. The new (young) owners are trying to hold to the tried and true 'old fashioned' ways while incorporating some newer menu items and it is so appreciated.
We were so reluctant to even try it under the new ownership, but haven't been disappointed. Ed. You have found some great places in Yuma, although the cravings for what you don't have must be frustrating.

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