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Thursday, 07 April 2016



I love the mystery tapas that you get with each drink. If I were a local, stopping in for a drink and quick bite seems like a perfect way to keep the day moving. Hopefully the American couple with the peanut, gluten, and gastropod sensitivity didn't ruin your meal too much.


another great day!


That's hilarious, the t-shirt on the balcony with the dog - it's from "The Big Lebowski" (the Dude!).

Great food pix, especially the snails and the snail shaped bread!


Hi Jason - We loved the suspense of wondering what tapa we'd get!

It was Kat!

I know CC....thought it was really funny...and kind of cute as well.


Great views like that you can never get enough.


That's so true Junichi!

Ed  (from Yuma)

Nice post. Too bad cc beat me to a Dude T shirt comment. Just seems strange and amusing in Granada.


Well Ed, Granada is a big college town and folks here are a bit "different" in a really cool way.

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