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Wednesday, 27 April 2016



This place holds fond memories for me. Twenty two years ago when I first started my "career" (my first "real" job so to speak), my good friends took me here to celebrate. At the time, Extraordinary Desserts was still quite new. My dessert that night is still my favorite, the Passionfruit Lemon Ricotta Torte. The price of a slice of cake back then was $7.95, which we thought was pretty pricy. Her cakes taste as beautiful as they look.


Agreed, I have fond memories here too, especially this location. It was the source of many trips with friends and the wife. We even got our wedding cakes from here which were crowd favorites. We chose our two favorite cakes and bought a bunch of them for the reception.


The blood orange ricotta cake is so good but I have to agree with CC that my favorite is the passionfruit lemon ricotta ! I haven't been to this location is ages but I think they have nice happy hour specials?


I used to work just a couple of blocks away, and really had to make a point of NOT going to ED often (bad for waistline and wallet). It has been a long time since I've been here, so it's time for a revisit. You said it's been open since 2005, but it's got to be much earlier than 2005 (maybe 1995?)


@Sandy, I first went there in 1994 and it was fairly new back then. It was the fanciest dessert place I'd ever been to.


Cathy,her book bio on Amazon states she opened ED in 1988.


Hi, cc. Thanks for your recount of a celebration and the recount of the history of this longstanding San Diego institution. I think I've corrected the history...had a hard time looking it up.

Now we must go back to try the passionfruit lemon ricotta because both you and Faye think it's the best...and I need to confirm.

What a great place to get your wedding reception cakes, Jason. Beauty and uniqueness of flavors. This location seems conducive to such a memorable set of experiences.

Yes, Faye, I did take a photo of the Happy Hour menu. It shows daily specials after 6 p.m. (this one was dated April 25 and is blurry). Will insert at the bottom of the post.

I corrected it, Sandy. I do remember passing by many times and knew it had been many years, but didn't research properly. It's nice to know you also enjoyed the offerings.

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