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Thursday, 14 April 2016



nice assortment of dim sum!


Re Jasmine - we went for the first time about six months ago, and from the parking to the cramped seating to the off-flavors, I didn't get it. We still go to Emerald, but out of loyalty above anything else. *sigh*


We enjoy eating here Kat!

I know James....such is the state of dim sum in San Diego.

Jon W.

Maybe the next time you are traveling up you should try China Red in Arcadia or J Zhou in Tustin? I particularly like J Zhou. Also if you're ever in SF you should definitely try Dragon Beaux.


Hi Jon - Thanks for stopping by and commenting. China Red is on my list...though I had friends who went to J Zhou and found it terribly over-priced and underwhelming...including something like almost $20 for "ok" (their words) Kwai fei ji....though, if you think it's that great we'll give it a try..... Sounds like you have a affinity for upscale décor.

Jon W.

Hey Kirk,

No problem! Been a fan of this blog for years.

I can't speak to J Zhou's dinner service (with alright kwai fei ji) but I did like their dim sum. It's certainly pricey, though I think they have weekday discounts still? I found their dim sum to be of SGV quality, though perhaps not the level of Sea Harbour.

And interesting comment on the upscale decor. Certainly all my recommendations are a bit fancy in presentation, though I'd also say I am also just as happy eating a fish taco at Bahia Don Bravo, a bowl of pho at Pho Cadao, or a bowl of wonton noodle soup at Tan Ky Mi Gia (MM one before it became Tim Ky Noodle).


Good enough Jon.....we'll check it out. Thanks for the rec!

Ed  (from Yuma)

I knew what you (and the missus) think about SD dim-sum - hence my comment. But SD is easier for us, and I really did prefer Emerald last time to Jasmine. but yeh, that's not saying much.

On a better note, Tina and I will be in LA and staying in SGV for a few days next month.


I'm sure you'll have a great time in the SGV Ed!

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