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Tuesday, 12 April 2016



=) I need to go again, though it might have to wait a while because I'm actually headed to Brussels next week, so definitely will be perusing your Brussels trips to see which restaurants to check out!


I went the 2nd day of operation. The banh xeo was hard and a little oily. The fillings were sparse just like you describe. Tried the Bun No Hue and although it had some heat was a little too sweet for me. Also had a rice dish and it wasn't anything special. Just realized that I didn't get the small cup of broth with my rice dish. I guess pho and the grilled skewers is the way to go!


Hey Sage - Brussels! How exciting....hope you love beer...Moeder Lambic and Cantillon are must visits. I enjoyed Le Fin de Siècle, the Missus Viva M'Boma. Enjoy!

The Pho Filet is probably the way to go Junichi...though the broth is on the sweet side.


Hope they can work out the kinks.


Now I'm excited! I first started reading your blog for pho.


I do too Kat!

Hi Jan - If you've had pho at Pho Fifth Avenue, then you'll recognize the flavor. Lucky and Cow Cali are still better IMO.

Soo @ hungryones

The filet mignon and shrimp skewers look great!

Ed  (from Yuma)

Good to have decent pho in that area.

You are too picky, but in a good way. You've helped me discern flavors and ingredients that I would have missed otherwise. Plus, you don't just keep going back to your favorites; you sometimes make multiple visits to places you don't enjoy.


They were enjoyable Soo!

Funny thing Ed, sometimes I actually force myself to go back to someplace that I thought wasn't that great.....

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