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Tuesday, 26 April 2016



Looks good, it's like seeing an old friend again. The prices seem pretty good too, hopefully the 5 dollar taco hasn't made it over there yet!

Soo @ hungryones

That's cool you have a variety of taco trucks to choose from!

Ed  (from Yuma)

It was great to see San Pedro open abd thriving, and prices at both places are good, Jason. That huge campechana with a Mexican Coke was $15. And Tina and my first meal with 2 waters came to $20.

When Kirk ventured over to Yuma back in 2005, Soo, we were able to visit most of the trucks in town in two days. Now there is a cluster of trucks off Fortuna in Foothills, two different groups on Pacific, several more carts along Ave B, and a bunch scattered along 8th St. I must confess that I haven't posted about enough of them.


Seafood looks great surprisingly if only they get rid of that substitute crab meat.

Ed  (from Yuma)

I understand billy - I grew up eating Crab Louis with a giant mound of fresh Dungennes in the center. I miss abundant real crab; but in our community, affordable alternatives to surimi don't exist.


Damn we're spoiled. I grew up around the gulf of Mexico and learned at a very young age on how to shuck a crab really quick. Dungeons crab are the easiest and meatiest but not as sweet as the smaller blue crab especially one with the roe.
Now I want crab.

Ed  (from Yuma)

Yeh, billy, I sill have memories of having a large geoduck (mirugai) clam steak on the Oregon coast back in 1980. It was the same price as fried oysters, deep fried shrimp, or salmon fillet. It was also commonly included in basic sushi combos back then. Wild seafood gets rarer and rarer.

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