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Thursday, 03 March 2016



Hi Kirk! I am so happy you are having fun in Korea. Sorry about the disappointing soup and chicken. I am glad the missus enjoyed her black bones chicken. I am surprised they did not give you a chili salt to dip the chicken into, or red pepper powder if you wanted it more spicy for the Samgyetang. The chicken should have been eaten with the radish. I have to have radish with every bite of chicken or it is too rich to eat. Didn't they have any other flavoured chicken? Sorry the chicken was a disappointment. I can't wait to see what else you end up eating.


20 miles?! Holy cow. That's like PCT hiking mileage. Too bad the chicken was bland.


holy mini marathon must've been all that powerful garlic:)


Hey Mills - We did eat the chicken with the was still quite bland. They have several typical flavors; sweet and spicy, garlic, etc.... But hey, you've got to try it straight up first.

Hi Junichi - I'm glad the Missus didn't tell me the mileage we had put in....I would have quit.

Sure wasn't the Samgyetang Kat!


Kirk: too bad the chicken sucked. :( I agree the straight up should have been good as the flavoured. The one thing Ireally enjoyed about Korea the last I was there was all the walking. I ate so much and still lost weight. Yeah enjoyed is probably not the word. :)


It did mean that I could eat anything I wanted Mills......and I've kinda gotten used to all the walking when on vacation. But 20 miles was a bit much.

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