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Monday, 14 March 2016





REally? Shock Top on a craft board? "Why I spit in your Shock Top!" I'll stick with West Coast BBQ b/c they at least have an excellent beer list.


Yet again Kat!

Lol have to consider the location I think....


Oh come on Kirk, you didn't ask for more?

Soo @ hungryones

Maybe you will have better luck with the burger next time. It was close...


Too bad. The inside of the burger looks quite juicy. I think the last meal from Mission Valley for me was when Capriotti's opened! Heard so much about the Thanksgiving sandwich but it was just OK.


Good lord Jan.......

It was pretty close to being decent Soo.

Haven't eaten in MV in years too Junichi....and probably won't for a few more now!

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