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Wednesday, 09 March 2016



too bad about this place

Green After The Rain

That is kind of disappointing, I've been to check it out. Though the bbq you prefer if making me quite hungry for bbq right now.


Your cue looks so purdy!

Soo @ hungryones

Kirk, can I come by your house for some ribs? I don't think I would enjoy Mike's ribs any more than you did...


Forgot about this place. I went right after they opened and thought it was just so-so.


I know Kat. They were so very nice.

Hi Sarah - It sure was....

Thanks Jan.....

Perhaps one of these days Soo!

Barely so-so Junichi!


Makes me cringe.


This topic raised the heartbeat a step. And then the reality. I would love to find an above average BBQ place that could satisfy me until my next trip to Texas hill country (Austin and beyond) Kirk if there is a post in the archives recommending acceptable BBQ please send me the link. As always, thank you so much for sharing!


It is kind of sad looking, huh Billy?

Hi JonMart - So Texas Hill Country - that would be brisket and sausage, right? Though I've never posted on the place; I thought Coop's on Lemon Grove Avenue was good, especially for San Diego....but I only visited once back in 2013. Good luck! One of these days I'll talk the Missus into visiting Austin and maybe even Lockhart....


Yes....Texas Hill Country....brisket, ribs and sausage. I hope you make it out that way one of these days. Many choices. For consistency I recommend the Salt Lick and Rudy's. Thanks for the Coop's recommendation. I have heard good things.


Hi JM - If/when you go to Coops, let me know what you think!


Rudy's is like McD's of fast food BBQ but more wholesome. I like it when I want fast BBQ.
Recommendation cream of corn and moist brisket(fatty).
I would venture off the beaten path and head to Lockhart,Tx and do the BBQ marathon or visit Cooper's Old Time Pit Bar-B-Que(original in Llano,Tx), unbelievable bbq pork chops and free boracho beans.


Thanks Billy!


Best BBQ around San Diego that I've found is 'Ye Olde Barbeque' at Thorne and about 32nd st. (around the corner from the Thorne St. Brewery, which will let you bring in food from Ye Olde). Very acceptable brisket and sausages.

But, it ain't a Texas BBQ road (Luling-Lockhart-Elgin) place.


Hi MikeC - I have that place on my ever expanding "list". Thanks so much for the rec!

Best BBQ Guy

Nice article! Now I'm craving BBQ! We've got a contest for the Best BBQ in San Diego and Mike's BBQ is on it! Vote for your favorite:


It's going to be interesting since the Clairemont location of this place has recently closed....

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