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Wednesday, 23 March 2016



FYI, I saw that Crab Hut in Mira Mesa was open yesterday. From the site, it looks like the 18th was the grand opening.


Thanks for the updates - the banh mi place is close to work.

The name Boiling Passion is almost as bad as Shabu World where Shabu looks like Swab. I drove past this strip mall yesterday, but didn't look at it.


I liked Sang Deuan but with Thai Papaya closer to home never made it out there that much. Hope Boiling Passion does well. That spot's been cursed.


Hi Jan - I heard that they're really busy!

Hi Sandy - Ah yes; Swab World:

Hi Junichi - I know; first Viet Bakery and Pho; then V Bakery, then Pho they really better have some Boiling Passion.....

Passionate Relative =P

My cousin owns Boiling Passion. I think the name is a loss in translation because in Asia there are no sexual connotations associated with the word "passion." Come try out the food though. It is a great little place and you get a good amount of food. If you are interested in getting a massage, there is a place in the same plaza. Superior Massage.


Hi PR - Was actually there today. Great portion sizes, though in spite of the Chinese name, the stinky tofu wasn't very stinky and even though the menu says it's yang rou and suan cai, the napa cabbage doesn't taste fermented. The ma-la hot pot was the best......


Although I never got a chance to try Sang Deuan when they were there, there's that new place. Hope they last longer than Sang Deuan.


I hope they last too CC!


I wonder if Boiling Passion is similar to the extremely popular franchise Boiling Point in LA and Orange County? If it is, I would go there instead of a Shabu place. I like that the broth is already seasoned so the foods have more flavor.


It is Eliza. The menus and the menu format looks almost exactly the same. Ownership is also Taiwanese.


You guys do the best travelling (and eating)! You should do a group tour so we can tag along-I would sign up-I like how the misses likes walking and you like eating.


I'm flattered Laurie. Thanks for the kind words. You can always "follow along" on the blog and plan your own "food tour". If you have any questions; feel free to email me and I'll be glad to try and fill in the blanks!

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