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Monday, 07 March 2016




Soo @ hungryones

That's cool you have photos of the girls taking selfies. I should start taking photos of them too for my blog. Thanks for the idea!


I'd take Masa over all 3 of those.


Haha the selfie couple made me laugh. The last bakery I worked in, we had a lady come in and sit down about half an hour before we closed, without ordering anything, and then spent the next half hour taking selfies! Dozens and dozens of them. Then she just got up and left when we started closing down. I guess she really liked the wallpaper in the bakery....


How about noodles wrapped around a fork?
Twirl into a spoon?
Hanging from your or wife's mouth?
From the kid's mouth?


People are so connected to their phone at the same time the whole restaurant is so socially disconnected. Weird


Yes, again Kat!

Hi Soo - I don't mind folks taking selfies....but constantly taking them.....

I'll take none of the above Junichi. ;o)

That is very strange TofuGirl.....wallpaper fetish selfies?!?

It was very strange Billy....and no....that ain't happening to us! ;o)


i was excited to see a ramen post on your site after craving ramen while I was in the Philippines for the past few weeks...guess I'll have to head to Santouka this week.


Hey Jack - The Philippines! How cool!

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