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Tuesday, 29 March 2016



I once went to the nearby Boiling Point with two coworkers. One of them decided that the heating gel was heating his soup too hot; us being engineers he said, "Well the more I eat the hotter it gets, since it's a constant heat input to less and less mass." So he took his drinking straw and tried to blow the fire out. We discovered that doing that only fed more air to the heating gel, causing a nice light show. Eventually he kept blowing and got it to burn out, but by that time his soup was basically the temperature of lava. He had to "suffer" through the rest of his meal, stopping after every spoonful to wipe off his brow.

He later found out that one can ask them to not light the fire under the bowl.


I'm definitely intrigued, will give them a try one of these weekends.


Hope they can keep it up.


Interesting. It sure is hotpot weather the last few days. Will give it a try.


That's funny MrZ - More oxygen means fuel to the fire!

Check them out Jason!

I do too Kat!

Try that Taiwanese Spicy Hot Pot Junichi.


The amount of ingredients in the pot seem a lot less than Boiling Pot and other chains in LA. I'm still looking for one to open in SD where it's a mountain of toppings like the ones in Taiwan. haha. But I am glad to see a new one open. Last time we were at QT Pot and it was pretty disappointing.


No Kirbie - Not in the same league as Boiling Point. I think the Spicy Hot Pot is the one to get....the rest are kind of mundane.

Joleen @ Joleen Cuisine

Whooaa those "golden dumplings" bring back memories of huge family dinners with relatives in Taiwan. One of my favorites we would always order. Tried this place tonight and thought it was pretty decent considering I really haven't explored many of the other hot pot places in SD and it's been YEARS since I last had Boiling Point I can hardly remember anything about how the soup tasted (other than that I ordered curry soup and asked for mild but ended up getting super spicy I couldn't even get through a quarter of the bowl...hahhaha) But perhaps I'll have to give Boiling Point another try when I'm back in OC for a full comparison. But still, like Kirbie said, nothing beats the ones in Taiwan.


I do think Boiling Point is better Joleen - the only hot pot I can recommend is the ma-la version

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