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Friday, 12 February 2016


Ed  (from Yuma)

I hadn't heard about the K Sandwiches fire. Too bad.


I hope K Sandwiches rebuilds soon. I still remember going there last summer and we saw "Grandma" making the panda waffles.

Pho Pasteur Anh was our 1st experience with VN food 20 years ago.


K Sandwich has been very much missed, Ed. There are mornings when I say "this would be a perfect day for a breakfast/lunch/snack at K" and then we try to find a replacement place...and it's not the same. But we keep looking.

Drove by last week, cc; some walls are still standing and surrounded by a fence and tarp; it hasn't even been leveled to begin rebuilding. I hope Grandma is around to see it re-open. Anh Hong has some great food; not fancy, just done well.

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