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Saturday, 13 February 2016


Soo @ hungryones

Thanks for the tip! I gotta go at 5pm and get a dozen donuts. :-)


I was just about to ask if the owners had a Hawaii connection then I read the story of the Bobby "O". I can't believe the prices. The place I go to in Seattle is $11 for a dozen. I don't even bother with Top Pot at $18 a dozen


The filling flavors sound so good, especially lilikoi.


Nothing like a mom and pop shop


I always wonder if people read what I write, or just look at the photos, Soo. Thanks.

Yes, I've met the owners and I guess most of the family, Kyle. They want to have a quality as well as interesting product, sharing Hawaiian flavors in some way. I hear you about hipster prices (and flavors; concocted and not 'real' like here) although there is an upcoming post to when we succumbed -to one- of those $3 donuts.

You'll like it, cc. Non-pretentious.

You are so right, Bill. I'm trying to only go to Mom & Pop shops this year.


Thanks for posting about this place! I went their yesterday and their donuts are so good! They still taste fresh the next day.

I have a new go-to neighborhood donut place!


It's kind of hidden from the main streets and what a gem, Paulina! You're right- not many donut shops in that part of La Mesa at all. Good to hear from you again.

judy fink

think they should burn some scented candles, vanilla, cinnamon.. the store needs to smell better...have gone and will go again but today.even my daughter said,this place doesn't smell good.....


I shall be going here soon with Astroboi. I must have the Bobby O. and the lilikoi filled malasada.

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