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Monday, 29 February 2016



Darn, I liked Nishiki on my first visit (even though they refused to switch out my thin noodles for thick and told me that they only make one type of noodle). Hopefully they'll bounce back, although I guess we're not exactly at a ramen shortage here.


I visited Nishiki some weeks ago and thought the ramen was ok. The egg looks beautiful on both your visits. We re-visited RakiRaki last week (friend's ramen burger was fascinating). RakiRaki was still so packed! I'm not sure if I loved the karaage at Raki as much as everyone else does though.


They broke off from the Nishiki ramen chain from Japan shortly before opening. Kinda misleading as they still kept the same name regardless. So that's why the soup is underwhelming. They did get the noodle machine and know-how on how to operate it. So the noodles are decent. Interesting on how you noticed the difference in noodles. Maybe they switched to cheaper ingredients.

The ramen toppings look pretty standard now. No more hipster okra, baby-corn and asparagus! They also claim to have dropped their prices, increased portions and give you the egg for free now. So their original concept was not working it seems.

Green After The Rain

I'm kind of sad that the place is so slow now, I guess the hype really is all gone now. But I found that after checking this place out a couple times, I'm just not that excited with their broth.


I hope they do Jinxi.

Well know I'm not the biggest fan of RakiRaki....I wasn't too impressed with their karaage and I thought the ramen burger was, well "stoner food".

Hi Junichi - Some of my Japanese friends, those with restaurant connections will not visit Nishiki. I really didn't want to ask them why.....though I figure the split must have been acrimonious.

Hi Sarah - It is kind of sad.....but that's kind of the way it goes.


cold char siu :(


A pet peeve of mine Kat.

Soo @ hungryones

That's good to know eat the karage quick while crisp. :-)


Very quickly Soo.....


Yes the split was indeed "not amicable." I won't go into details either but I also refuse to eat there.


Plus they are in the same mall as Santouko, so there's a very good alternative right across the parking lot.


You among many Junichi!

And I think Santouka is better Jason!


I ate there twice after they first opened and except for the noodles was also disappointed during both visits... however I went earlier this week for lunch (about 2pm) and the place was about half full and the ramen was fantastic. I ordered the Nishiki Black and the broth was perfectly hot, chashu was hot (and i was told they now give it a quick torching with a hand torch before they serve it), broth was well balanced and overall a fantastic bowl of ramen. I also got a side bowl of rice with pork which was only fair... the pork needed more fat and was overcooked. Definitely worth a trip back for the ramen though.


Thanks for the update Derek. I'll make sure to dop by soon!

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