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Friday, 19 February 2016



funny the people you meet along the way:)


Haha, I love the classic bocadillo pose. He looks like the answers to the universe are locked in that sandwich.


It's part of the fun Kat!

I wonder what the bocadillo is telling him TofuGirl? ;o)


2 watches. Maybe he has one set to local and the other one set to Japan. There was a soccer coach that used to wear 2 watches and that's what he set them to.


I knew it was someone famous. It was Maradona!


But he also had a smartphone Junichi.....which is why things seemed odd. You can see the time in multiple time zones....


Ha! Such a beautiful story of soulmates!


Hi Jenne - The planets must have been in perfect alignment! Hope you are well!


I am! Things have been busy but we should plan another meal soon. Did you hear Howie had a baby? (Or well, his wife did)


Yeah, I heard Jenne....we gotta get together soon!

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