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Wednesday, 17 February 2016


Soo @ hungryones

That's cool the noodles have "tooth". What is "tooth"? The chicken karage looks good too!


I meant the noodles aren't mushy without wanting to use the term 'al dente', since the ramen at Santuoka isn't a pasta in that sense. The karaage is good at the Mitsuwa Market grab and go area. Everything is, actually; there's a high turnover, Soo.


I like their fried oysters at the takeout section. I am bummed about Matcha love since I never got a chance to try their black sesame soft serve.


Nice Cathy! Mitsuwa really stepped up their bento game over the year and I'm happy to see that. I wonder if the English Tamagoyaki Wiki article meant Rice Wine instead of Rice Vinegar. I don't see many recipes calling for vinegar typically. But modern day home recipes you do often see a small amount of Japanese Mayo which gives it an edge of extra flavor and richness.


Matcha Love isn't gone, just not at this location, cc...maybe on your next mini-vacation you can stop at a Mitsuwa to try; I enjoy the'adult' flavors. The fried oysters are great.

Thanks, Dennis. Yes, the bento selection makes Mitsuwa a competitor for Niban...along with similar parking lot situations. The flavor and texture profiles are so pleasant with Japanese foods; I hadn't thought about the wine/vinegar difference, but you are right.

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