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Saturday, 06 February 2016



What a fantastic post Cathy! It was exciting to see the "evolution" of the floats during your road float posts and even better yet seeing these up close from your showcase visit. It's fun knowing about the details (like the 'bees' being peanuts on the beehive) and seeing the dragon and South Dakota's float's intricate designs.

We liked Philippe the Original when we visited a year and a half ago. Although the lines were long (we were there for long), they moved pretty quickly. Philippe is just down the street from Little Jewel of New Orleans and also one of my favorite museums, the Velveteria (museum of black velvet paintings). The "rival" for Philippe is Cole's which is in downtown LA.


That dragon float was really impressive. The extensive use of whole flowers really made an impact. I remember when Phillippe used to use those funky cardboard-like trays. Good to see it still retaining much of the original charm.

Ed  (from Yuma)

Great post. A fitting conclusion to the series on getting the floats ready. Thanks for the detailed pics!


Thanks, cc. Between our two phones (which had battery drain) and the iPad, there were over 200 photos and since this is a food blog, I wanted to show a variety but not get too boring. There are so many places we can try around there and at the early hours, the breakfast at Philippe is so convenient, good and uncrowded (probably because most of the people are locals).

I agree, Dennis-that dragon had fire shooting out of its mouth along the parade route! So happy you got to see floats from start to finish in person. I remember when those cardboard plates would be placed on top of a plate and stapled together as a 'to go' package...way before styrofoam.

Thanks, Ed. I could have had a post with photos of only details; maybe next year.

Soo @ hungryones

Thanks for posting more float photos! It was nice seeing them again.


You're welcome, Soo. In about four months, road tests for the 2017 Parade will begin! A year round event.

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