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Wednesday, 13 January 2016



Hi Kirk,
Yeah I heard about the Telegraph Haggens turning into Ranch 99 about a month ago. There is excitement down in the South Bay for that! That parking lot us going to get even more busy!

Lynn @ Oh-So Yummy

shoot! dennis just got a gift cert to Mama's Grill. i did notice multiple fivestar offers from them though. it didn't keep the business alive...

i ate at blue korea house 10 years ago when I first moved to SD. maybe a revisit is due at the new spot :p


Given that you can walk from the current 99 Ranch location on Clairemont Mesa to the new location on Balboa, it seems odd that Tawa's adding an additional location. Maybe they're going to eventually close the Clairemont store once the Balboa store is open? (I'm speculating, I haven't heard anything about this.)


That great news for folks in the South Bay CC!

I hope Prime Grill is much better than Korea House Lynn! Perhaps Mama's will reopen elsewhere?

I had the same thoughts Jessica. It just seems odd that they would compete with themselves.


I remember when Korea House was the only game in town and I was a regular there. That parking lot is awful!

Soo @ hungryones

The new Ranch 99 location looks real attractive with the big parking lot...

Ed (from Yuma)

When I lived in SD, I went to Korea House a couple of times. That's all it took to keep me away for the next 18 years.


Wow. Korea House has been there forever. Never understood why it lasted so long.


Intriguing at the new Ranch 99. I could see them moving to a better location however the current one is kind of an institution now, it's been the consistant backbone of the convoy area asian mecca.


Sad to hear about Mama's Grill. I just went there for a sandwich a few weeks ago; first time there in about 2 years when I used to work nearby. Thought they did a nice job cleaning up the place since I was last there. The sandwich I had was still plenty good, too.


They had been able to survive for quite a while Jack.

It'll be quite interesting to see how they do here Soo.

Well Ed......I tried twice when we first moved here....and never returned. Never been to a Korean Restaurant where I was the only Asian in the place.

It's a mystery to me too Junichi......

Hey Jason - You know; I don't know if they are planning a move or keeping both locations.....

Hi Derric - I was quite surprised to see them gone. They were doing decent business during my visits. And they did make some pretty decent sandwiches.

ruby barnard

I heard that it may open in June 2016 or maybe later in 2016 and the 99 ranch in Chula vista will open in later 2016.


Hi Ruby - June 2016 is what I heard as well.

ruby barnard

wow the Filipinos and other Asians are going to be happy in Chula vista because they wont have to drive all the way to Kearny mesa to go to 99 ranch they have one already there in Chula vista plus seafood city is there also in Chula vista so it looks like seafood city and 99 ranch have some competition.


When we were looking at houses in 2009 we saw one in that neighborhood just south of that Albertson's, like 3 houses away from the parking lot. I would have been pleased to have a 99 Ranch that close!


Well MrZ - The family can always move back! ;o) It's going to be an interesting location that's for sure....

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