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Tuesday, 19 January 2016


J.S. @ Sun Diego Eats

We had a overnight layover in Lanzhou when we were in Gansu province and we were surprised that even our remote chain hotel by the airport (the airport is reallyyy far from the city) had someone making fresh hand pulled noodles for 6 am no less. Although the meat options were a little dismal the fresh noodles and broth (I asked for mine weiiiiii la please) were infinitely better than any kind of continental breakfast stale bagel situation I've encountered at any hotel here.

Have to say that besides the noodles we found Lanzhou to be a little bit hectic and dismal. Although perhaps we were a little disillusioned after a long all day bus ride from Langmusi and some very aggressive taxi drivers in the Lanzhou train station.


Hope the MSG amounts can be fixed


Noodles are hand made, operating the buttons on the machine.😁


Hey JS - Nice story! Driving in China is a battle of wills....he who blinks loses.

I do too Kat!

Totally Billy. Don't they know folks will notice?

Soo @ hungryones

That's cool it's really green in there! I noticed it's the same shade of green as the left and right border of mmm-yoso. :-)


They must have really bad taste Soo! ;o)


Thanks for the post son and I are planning on checking it out next week.


Great! Let me know how it is Jack!


We finally made it here last hit the description perfectly, "It is not remarkable, but still good by San Diego standards." I'm still not sure if I'll be back though.


I need to see how their full menu is going to be Jack.

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