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Saturday, 12 December 2015


Kevin Mann

May Yuma's Asian Store thrive and prosper!

Joan Koblas

I love that store. Its the best thing to hit Yuma for people who like to do Asian cooking and want AUTHENTIC Asian ingredients, not the fake Asian you can get in an American supermarket. Many of the items in the Asian market here are the same ones my Thai daughter-in-law uses everyday. We are so lucky to have such a store.
Now if we only had the equivalent in an Indian market. I'd be in heaven!

Ed (from Yuma)

Gotta agree, Kevin. I suspect you've got a developed taste for Chinese food by now.

You're right, Joanie. I'm glad the store is in town, I go there just about every week, but you probably liked it better when they were out in Foothills.


10 years Ed! Good lord...... It's good to know that there's more available these days.


Gotta love me some of the fine shrimp paste...MMmmmmmm

Ed (from Yuma)

Yes, Kirk, 10 years is a long time. I didn't even own a camera back then.

Right, billy, now all we need in Yuma is a Viet restaurant serving bun mam that I could put a little shrimp sauce in.

Soo @ hungryones

Nice store! Reminds me of Woo Chee Chong. It was the only Asian store in San Diego back in the old days.

Ed (from Yuma)

I think I've heard of Woo Chee Chong; John Gabry– A local legend on Yuma radio for 60 years – loved Chinese food. I would run into him at Yummy Yummy on occasion, and we would talk about Chinese food etc. I remember him going on about the small Chinese market over in San Diego back in the day, how dried squid hung from the rafters and it was full of odd and unusual foodstuffs. That had to be Woo Chee Chong. Thanks for reminding me.

Soo @ hungryones

Welcome! That's awesome a Yuma local would make the trek to San Diego for groceries. There was some great stuff that I can't get now or isn't as good. I loved the chow mein and the bbq pork in the deli. They had my favorite brand of shrimp noodles imported from Hong Kong I've never seen since. They had the most awesome rice puff which I have to drive to LA to get now.


Here's a tidbit about Woo Chee Chong - the old location in Chula Vista is now Mexican grocer store, Mercado International (on Third near Orange Ave in CV). It changed back in 1995. The building's street signage still has that Asian look. Kirk has posted on the tacos and adobada here before.

My parents used to go to the older (and now defunct) Woo Chee Chong in downtown SD, then to the CV one. It was the only place back in the 70s to buy specialty ingredients.

Ed (from Yuma)

John Gabry was a wise and adventurous soul - remember, he was going over to San Diego before I-8 existed. Of course, San Diego has always provided civilization, shopping, entertainments, and beaches for Yumans.

Very interesting, cc. It's hard to appreciate how much San Diego and the country as a whole has become more diverse (and more flavorful) because of the immigration reform of 1965. As Kirk posted recently, San Diego dining has changed and developed a lot over the last couple decades.

Ed (from Yuma)

I just wanted to follow-up about John Gabry. A friend of Tina's has known the Gabry family for a long time. She told Tina that most summers John used to pack up his family for a vacation, drive over to San Diego and LA, and do voiceovers and commercials for radio stations in Southern California. Those gigs paid for the trip, but he spent a lot of time in markets like Woo Chee Chong, so when the family returned to Yuma, the car was filled with all sorts of oddities unavailable out here in the desert – so filled that the kids had bags and boxes on their laps for the trip home.


this is fantastic, Ed. wow.

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