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Sunday, 13 December 2015



Hope they can balance out the salt.

Soo @ hungryones

Mmm... I love shrimp chips but not a fan of fish sauce on my wings. Is there enough seasoning on the wings to eat them without sauce?


I saw them weeks ago and thought the interior looked great. I like the 'plastic' description of terribly fried pork skin. That's the word I was looking for when I had some bad lechon recently. I can't remember the prices of the wings - were they on par for what was ordered?


I do too Kat!

If I recall they do Honey Sriracha, Fish Sauce, and Lemon Pepper Wings. I think these nice folks would just make it plain with garlic if you wanted Soo.

Hi Faye - If I recall the wings were like $7?


My roommate tried them out last week and loved it. Need to stop by for a visit.

John M. Dowd

Went there last night with 3 16 year old boys who just played 9 holes of walking golf. They had not eaten since lunch, it was 5:15 so they were starved but then again they are perpetually starved. We got roasted pork (3), pork belly, chicken w/peanut sauce, bulgogi Banh Mi's and their version of carne asada fries - Bulgogi fries with a friend egg over it.. The boys really liked them and 2 had never had a Bahn Mi. We took 3 half sandwiches home. The fusion flavors made for an interesting twist, but nothing that so different and good that made me think I had to go back just for that taste.

My take is that they were smaller, less meat and bit more expensive than the traditional places we go to. But, our usual places are not hip, the service staff not so good looking and no craft beer. So, next time I'll take them to Cali Baguette or if we are going to pay the same price I'll got to Pho La Jolla which I think has a better over $6 sandwich and make underrated Bahn Mi. I did ask them and they denied having anything to do with the kitchen fire at Kay's...


Oh I wish I had a chance to read your post before my visit! I was generously pleased with how things were when I visited, though of course there were some soft opening kinks. We were so tempted to go to Que Huong after for a wing comparison.


Check them out Junichi.

Hi John - I thought there was quite a bit more meat than what is typically served in a more traditional Banh Mi; like, at say, Cali Express, which is my go to. I'm about proportion, flavors, and bread. I do hesitate in spending $6 for a banh mi, but wanted to see what the buzz was about. Since this was during the soft opening; hopefully things will get straightened out. I've never been impressed with Pho La Jolla though..... If you like them; I believe the owner's sons run Spotted Cow in the Zion Market Food Court. For some reason, I never took to the bread that K's put out, even though it was made in house.

Hi Kirbie - Well geeez....great minds think/post alike again, huh? I don't know how many times that has happened over the years!


Great place so far. Yeah seems like they are working out the kinks. The first time I went was about a week ago. It wasn't crowded at all but it seemed like what was about a 20 minute wait for a bulgogi bahn mi and cookie butter coffee.

The most recent visit on Sunday, the food came out pretty quick. The satay chicken and pork belly fries were delish. I do like the bread there better than K's. I like the bread with a little chew rather than overly crusty. Can't wait to try the wings


I tend to think of the bread at K's as being mealy, Denver. It's basically standard issue baguette here in my opinion. Hope they do well!

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