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Sunday, 20 December 2015





Bowl looks pretty I wish I had a disappointing bowl like that in Tx ;-)


I had jury duty recently (well, two months ago). I don't think Ramen Yamadaya had opened yet. As you said, it's an option.

Soo @ hungryones

Hmm... I'll have to try the Tonkotsu Shoyu sometime...


The last time I went to the Clairemont location the soup was pretty weak. They dropped a few notches on my (short) SD ramen list.


Well at least it wasn't as bad as my last two visits to the Clairemont location Kat!

I hope you get some good ramen one of these days Billy!

Hi Sandy - It's a nice walk from the Hall of Justice.

Hey Soo - If you do "upgrade" get it kakuni style instead of Yamadaya style, which IMO is not worth it.

My last 2-3 visits to that location wasn't very good Junichi. This was actually a bit better.


Although one would prefer to give them benefit of the doubt, the thought did cross my mind that the slow service might not be attributed to opening jitters. The Clairemont location has been open for years and the staff seems to be just as painfully disorganized and slow at times.


Hi LL - I usually try not to visit Yamadaya during busy times. They seem to be able handle a normal/non-primetime (i.e. no lines and all tables not full) service. But once things get really busy it's chaos. I would hope that having only 3 tables of customers as was the case here would not cause that with 3 Servers on duty and 4 people in the kitchen.


I gave up on Yamadaya on Clairemont Mesa awhile ago. They could never get it all together (food and service) which drove me crazy!


Yeah, I haven't been back there in a while too Jack.

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