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Wednesday, 16 December 2015



Hi Kirk. Yeah pretty much no change (and they should also soak/rinse the shredded cabbage to rid of its aku raw flavor). Yet despite a minefield of personal pet peeves I somehow occasionally find myself here out of sheer convenience and price point. :/


Hey Dennis - Hope all is well. I think what they put out here is so inconsistent now...... but like you, I'll probably be back again....




Seems likely they are consistent with being inconsistent.


Sounds like the *new* owner needs to babysit things for a bit.

Soo @ hungryones

Oh no.... I haven't been fooled yet. Thanks for taking one for the team!


That tonkatsu is a crime against humanity.


Totally Kat!

Sounds about right Billy!

There needs to be something more than changing uniforms and plates Jan.

It was quite disappointing Soo.

It was terribly prepared Junichi.


I had a mini chicken katsu curry plate at L&L last night...i know, i know but there was no where else to go! ;) and the katsu looked way better than that!


Kind of sad, huh Jack? Hope they get their act together.

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