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Sunday, 22 November 2015



Hi Cathy, I lived in SD 15 years+ and I've yet to visit sadly. The Oktoberfest Plate has my name written all over it... :)


Count me in for that Oktoberfest plate too. Such a great value for what you get.

May you and your Mister have a wonderful Thanksgiving.


All the food look awesome! Good thing I was eating my lunch as I read this post, otherwise I'd be drooling endlessly...


It is a bit of a drive to get here, Dennis, but worth it. We actually dropped in the first time because we had just gone to the Pea Soup Andersens which had been located at the north east corner of that Palomar Airport Road exit(the windmill is still there) and I knew the name "Tip Top" was used at German businesses in my Detroit neighborhood. A great old fashioned butcher shop.

That Oktoberfest plate is great when you want to try some of the eight sausages that are sold in the store, cc. If you don't want to eat so much, there's a two of any sausage plate or a sausage sandwich(a photo in my third post). Happy thanksgiving week to all of you!

That's great, Hungry. I was wondering how you were doing. My photos are an attempt to share what I see on the plate and sometimes it works out well.


I haven't been to Tip Top in years, and I really should go again soon. I remember when the Special Steak Dinner add on for the sides was $1.98!

Soo @ hungryones

So hard to decide what I would order... Lamb chops, sausage, steak, prime rib... If only them had a sampler...


Oh yes, I remember the $1.98 add on price also, Sandy...such a good deal. Such great quality. I'm thinking the restaurant will be less crowded this Friday-Saturday-Sunday since people will be eating leftovers and not wanting to go out to eat...

Well, Soo, fora a taste of multiple sausages, other than the Oktoberfest plate, there's always the Big John Breakfast option. I mentioned it in my second ('ordinary' breakfast) link up there in the first paragraph. 3 eggs, potatoes and toast and All You Can Eat meat: you can order two meats the first time then one at a time for each subsequent reorder-bacon, ham, breakfast sausage, Polish sausage and bratwurst. Tip Top opens at 6 a.m. You're welcome.

Ed (from Yuma)

Looks good. And reminds me of all the red cabbage I regularly ate at my grandparents' house. But oddly, they called it blaukraut (blue cabbage).


It's odd you mention that, Ed. Mom sometimes boiled eggs with the cabbage and the color was an odd we knew they were hard boiled. I liked the red cabbage because of the applesauce mom mixed in with it...her kraut is made with bacon and dried/rehydrated mushrooms.


I just got back into town after three years in Philly, and I saw this post. I've lived here nearly my entire life never heard of this place. Went up, brought my dad, we loved it. I will so be back because the food, especially the sausage and the soup were unbelievable. Thank you so much for the recommendation!


I'm just smiling here while reading your comment, Loren. The county is so large and I know many people don't drive around as much as we it's fun to share. We found Tip Top when searching for European food and a meat market when we first moved here...happened to walk in on a Friday when the line was people waiting for the 4 p.m. Prime Rib meal.

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