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Monday, 09 November 2015




Soo @ hungryones

That's good you found a good drunken chicken spot! I'm fine with cold chicken.


I guess I'm lucky so far with the current sechiwan restaurant in SATX.


I didn't like their pork belly either. The version at Szechuan Chef is better but not by much.


Yes, again Kat.

I love these cold chicken dishes Soo.

That's great Billy!

Hi Junichi - Have you tried the version at Golden City? I think it's better than both places.


That is really unfortunate about Tasty Noodle. I wanted to revisit to give their XLB another shot. I gave up on Dede's last year after their lunch specials changed but recently went back. They make a very good kai yang snake gourd that's been quite good last two visits.


I actually thoguht the XLB was actually worse this time around Faye.

Jim Gottlieb

I thought that the new Chinese name (蜀百味) at Spicy House meant a new owner as it usually does in these parts, but they explained that they changed the name from 麻辣城 (Spicy City) because it caused confusion with the other Spicy City. They say they've owned the place for over two years now.

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