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Monday, 02 November 2015



I haven't had pho in the Kearny Mesa area in forever, and I guess it will stay that way! I noticed a sign for a new pho place on Balboa just before Convoy if you're heading east. Hope springs eternal ...


Hi Sandy - You mean Char House?
And yes, hope does spring eternal! ;o)


That's too bad, reminds me of the cartons of ice cream nowadays. They just keep making them smaller and smaller while hoping that no one notices.


Hi Jason - I kind of wish they'd just raise the price a buck or something.....but most folks just want heap on the rice!


Yes, that's the one - I must have missed your post. At Yakyudori, I usually just get the regular ramen over the combinations. I haven't noticed surly servers, but sometimes I can't get their attention (and it's not a large restaurant).




Sad practice, charge you the same for less. Why not charge a little more for the same serving.


I've had some rather borderline rude service there in the past Sandy.

Totally Kat.

That seems the MO Billy. I totally agree on the pricing concept Billy.

Soo @ hungryones

Bummer about the wings. Can you brush off the msg or is it in the batter?

That is a really mini bowl of ramen. I always go for the full size bowl.


Convoy must be cursed with regards to pho. Puzzling considering there are good shops in Linda Vista just down the street.


You're welcome to try it Soo......I think it will be a bit of a challenge and spending your lunch wiping off MSG...doesn't sounds like fun.

I agree Junichi....such an odd thing.

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