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Wednesday, 14 October 2015



Hope they can hold on


That's too bad, looks like whoever is receiving the torch from Mom needs to shadow her for a bit longer and learn her secrets.

Jim Gottlieb

Perhaps it is always foolish to try and recreate a meal from the road, but after enjoying some amazing bún riêu in Quy Nhơn, I headed to Miên Trung and was extremely disappointed in their version. It tasted mostly like tomato soup. And it cost about 15 times more than my bowl in Việt Nam :-).


Say it ain't so!


Bummer about the decline in quality.
I really liked their Mi Quang soup.


Oh no! That's a favorite of mine.


Hi Kat - I hope they get reenergized.

Hi Jason - I agree

Well Jim - Better get that VN Visa and that plane ticket!

I know Jan....but I've had a couple of disappointing visits over the last couple of months.

I hope they straighten things out CC.

Sadly, it seems like a unfortunate "oh yes" Junichi.


Where can one go now for Bun Bo Hue?


Hi D - As much as I'm complaining about what seems like the downhill slide here; MT is still, in my opinion the best BBH in San Diego.

Ed (from Yuma)

That saddens me. Tina and I love MT. The difference is clear in the pics. And there are enuf imposter bbh's around already.


I agree feels like the end of an era. Though before I make a more definitive statement, I feel I'll need to visit a few more times. MT has been good for so long that I think they've earned that.

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