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Friday, 02 October 2015



Mmm, mouthwatering...

Ning Wei Wang

I love these food, especially Divorciados and Salas!! It is amazing! I used to taste some Mexican food in Yuma. yummy, yummy, Ning .


Great and informative post Cathy. I always enjoy seeing the different condiments and sauces at Mexican eateries, especially mariscos places. I have not tried anything divorciados yet but after this post, I'm kind of craving it.


Great post I'll have you have some mexican food for dinner tonight!


This is great. It's rare to see a place here in El Paso with salsas and condiments set out like that because the focus here is on the meat.

There are over 400 Mexican-style restos in El Paso and most of them serve tacos with just meat.

Granted, the meat is very, very good. The style comes from Chihuahua and Sonora and they have a long-standing competence in cooking meat.

They do make a fried tortilla style where the corn tortilla is folded over meat and cheese is put atop that.

Some new thinkers have arrived who are doing bulgogi meat tacos as one example. Pork belly. Tofu. These are quite popular with an under-40 crowd.


Thanks, Dennis. I try for informative and semi-interactive photos.

Good to know you tried the local food in Yuma and liked it, Ning.

I tried to approach this posting a bit differently, cc. Glad it was also a bit of teaching. It's almost always interestingly good to try something 'new to you' from menus.

Thanks, Jack; hope dinner was good. I'm now thinking of other ethnic condiment posts...

Very interesting, Dan. I thought it was more that way with BBQ...then again, I'm guessing you have more 'Tex-Mex' than our plethora of 'Taco Shops'. Bulgogi, pork belly and tofu are just wrong as a taco filling; so glad I'm out of that influential age group.

Lynn @ Oh-So Yummy

Mmm, as long as the salsas and spices are not spicy, I like trying different ones. Divorciados sounds like something I'd want to eat. I'm just imagining it to be like a two for one kind of deal haha!


I agree, Lynn. I want to taste flavors, not heat (maybe just a bit if a mild heat is complimentary). El Portal is in the far corner of the same lot as 85C (look out the 85C doorway, to the right, past the Kohls-that corner of the same block); they serve breakfast all day (Breakfast number 1 is Divorciados).

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