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Monday, 26 October 2015



For a while they were popping up everywhere. My introduction to Hawaiian was at the Da Kines in PB years ago. I think they're all gone now. HH is my go to now. Island Style if I'm in the area.


Heck I'll take the straps. 😀
Missing almost everything from SoCal. That's a good looking perfectly formed circular patty.


To think about it is Yoshinoya still around? That was so cheap college grub.


You are a very brave man Kirk. I think that the best thing L&L makes is chicken katsu....not saying it's good but it "can" be decent. I have a teenager and he'll get a jones for chicken katsu musubi for a pre dinner snack!




This location is close to my house and the only thing it's good for is satisfying a craving for A plate lunch, not necessarily a GOOD plate lunch. The mac salad is usually under seasoned and the rice can range from decent to horrifying. I usually get the Katsu but it's been a grease bomb the last few times I've been. There's better Katsu to be had at Roboto grill, just across College Avenue. It's not a plate lunch spot, but the Katsu is spot on.


Hi Junichi - Yep, all the Da' Kines are gone; they only do catering these days I think.

Hi Billy - Yep, Yoshinoya is still around, though the one in San Diego closed a while back.

Lol Jack.....a growing boy!

Yes Kat...yes.....

Hi James -I noticed the "Grand Opening" sign when I was exiting the strip mall parking lot. I really need to get up there more often

Soo @ hungryones

Thanks for taking one for the team! You gonna try it again in 10 years?


Possibly Soo.....if I'm still around.


I still stop by there for spam musubi cuz I'm lazy...


Cuz you're hungry FH! ;o)

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