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Sunday, 04 October 2015



I like how you and the Mister celebrate, and enjoy the birthday posts. Howe do you even find these kinds of places?


Thanks for reminding me of this place Cathy.....happy birthday :)


Happy birthday! Do they have steamed clams here too? The lobster roll looks plentiful and affordable.


Good looking eats.


I remember reading about this place in the Normal Heights The two times we tried going here (once at noon and the other time at 2 pm) last year, the deli section wasn't staffed. We were bummed because we wanted to try their lobster roll and fish lumpia. That's great you were able to come on a day where someone was actually there. Great meal you had!

Those mussels are usually referred to as PEI mussels which they wrote as PE/Mussels on the menu sandwich board for some reason.


Thanks Sandy. Other than The Mister and I driving and stopping randomly, part of my job is meeting clients at their home or work, where the non-business conversations circle around to food. I ask where is their favorite place to pick up something quick and inexpensive, but good; everyone has 'that place'.

Thank you, Jack. It's great, isn't it?

I've never seen steamers here, Faye. The clam chowder and clam dip (served with freshly made potato chips!) are always on the menu(and always abundantly clam-my) so I suspect frozen or canned clams are used. The lobsters are fresh cooked each day; sometimes they are out.

It's the food, not the atmosphere that will get me every time, Bill.

It's sad you've missed out, cc. When I/we've been here (daytime hours), only one person was working; it's maybe more of an efficient kitchen in the evenings and that crowd. The fish lumpia are a good Friday snack.

Green After the Rain

I love the lobster rolls here! I always bring friends here and surprise them when I walk into a liquor store when I tell them I'm taking the out to eat lobster rolls. hehe~


Most Liquor stores do have some sort of 'kitchen area', GAtR (and I have those posts in the queue), but Alaskan Seafood is the most unique. My mom asked where we went for our meal and I started out by saying 'Oh, the Liquor Store'...

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