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Monday, 14 September 2015



hopefully just an off day for them, at least their service is still good:)


That is a lot of food and perfect for breakfast.


I do too Kat!

It is quite a generous portion Billy!

Ning Wei Wang

I am Ning Wei Wang. I enjoy your article. falafel, great!!I love these food. I want to taste them when I go back to America. It looks very delicious!!I feel hungry so I need to eat something before writing my food article. Yummy, yummy, Ning.


Hi Ning - I hope you get some when you return to the states.


I went once when they 1st opened. Always forget that it's there when I'm driving by. It's so hidden from plain view. Need to go back soon.


Hi Junichi - Yeah, it's not really visible from the street and thus easy to forget about.

Christina C

I have a falafel obsession and finally decided that I think I make the best. I will have to make it for you and your wife. Second best is Alforon I think. The couple at Mr Falafel are really nice though.


You will have to Christina!

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