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Wednesday, 02 September 2015



:( I hope they improve


darn it, I thought this was going to be a branch of the one from LA


I do too Kat!

It might be Kirbie...because I think the menus at all the different locations are different. I'm bummed that it isn't the same as the one in LA too.


I saw the grand opening sign on Monday as well. Seems like the opened so quickly after they took over the location. The picture of the SJB looks beautiful (minus the burnt bottom). How were the XLB compared to Dumpling Hut?


Hi Faye - There was so much wrong with the SJB on so many levels....but unless you've really had good SJB, they may not matter to you. I don't consider the SJB at Dumpling Hut any good and these, as sad as they were are better.


Bummer. I was really looking forward to this. Heard good things about the ones in LA from co-workers.

Also heard the owners of Nishiki ramen backed out after a disagreement with the middle-man over revenue sharing. And the middle-man is going to open up shop anyway. Something fishy going on over there.


Give it a try anyway Junichi. That's interesting new about Nishiki....weren't they going to do a nationwide expansion?


Yes the San Diego location was supposed to be the first of many outposts. Hopefully it pans out but as of right now doesn't look good.


Well, that's not so great Junichi......


Actually this is the chain from Orange County (Buena Park?). We tried it today for lunch and overall thought it was pretty good, actually. The XLB were quite good to me - no leaks, the wrapper was nice and supple, plenty of soup. We didn't get the SJB this time, but the couple who sat at the next table ordered them and they didn't look burnt to me. I'm not very picky about my "mian shi" though, haha. S liked the hong shao rou, he likes it on the less salt-more sugar side being Taiwanese and all.


Hi Jinxi - a whole, it might be great for San Diego; but like you think about's like that for me with, well everything. The Hongshao Rou wasn't "red-cooked" enough for my taste....though I base it on Su Cai standards.


Stopped by last night and tried a few items. Nothing was bad but nothing wowed me either. Beef noodle soup, fried rice and pork belly app were passable. They were out of SJB at 7pm. A few of the XLB had leaked out the soup. I think Red Moon does a better job. Best thing was the grilled potstickers. Tons of soup inside and nice crunchy char. Service was friendly and efficient. Place was full when we left. The menu is quite extensive so I'll be back to try more items.


I'm not a big fan of either XLB Junichi.....I've been recommended a couple of items I'll try on a revisit soon.


Yeah once you have XLB at DTF the bar is set too high. Those guys have it nailed down to a science!


Actually, I'm not the biggest fan of their XLB either Junichi....I find that while the wrapper is nice and thin, the dough is usually a bit over-worked.

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