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Sunday, 27 September 2015



nice array of sandwiches!


The chopped liver plate is my automatic order from Elijah's, too. Haven't been to this location yet, although we've seen it; the old location/mall is being razed and rebuilding...primarily the movie theater portion. It's nice that Elijah's moved to this part of town.


It's nice to have another option in the area Kat!

The Missus reallyl ieks this version of chopped liver Cathy. Good to have another choice in the area.


I've never had chopped liver; looks like I should order it next time. I had never been to Elijah's until they moved to Clairemont Mesa.


Tell me how you like it Sandy. I've never really liked the stuff.


That tongue sandwich looks amazing!


That was the best sandwich I had at Elijah's Lynnea!


I haven't been in years, but I'm a tongue freak.


Well, try them out again tongue freak, does that read strange.

Christina C

I just got back from NYC and was once again reminded on why I never get pastrami in San Diego.
I got in the city at 11 pm and my hotel was right by Katz's. My first bite of their pastrami reminded me of how good it can be. I've given up on any good deli's out here. PRobably better for my waistline!


Yes, Christina, I don't think there's anything remotely close here....

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