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Tuesday, 29 September 2015



My friends and I went to DH earlier this summer. There was a HAIR in between the plastic on one of their menu covers. Ewww.

That Macao roast pork looks pretty good. That skin looks quite crispy.


kanak attack!

Ning Wei Wang

I love dumpling(jiaozi).Jiaozi is one of the most famous and traditional food in China.
The roast pork is pretty great. It is amazing!!
yummy, yummy, Ning


Sad that the jiaozi wasn't good; I had high hopes for improvement after the initial opening jitters. Golden City makes a great kwai's such a healthy lunch compared to that roast pork.


I don't think these folks ever had any restaurant experience CC.....

And meat sweats Kat!

The roast pork was good Ning.

Ordering that pork for a solo lunch was an error in judgement Cathy!


Speaking of dumplings, have you revisited Dumpling Inn after they moved into their hip new location? I went there last last weekend so I'm curious of your impressions.


Thanks for the update on Dumpling Hut. I haven't been back since my first visit soon after they opened. It sounds like nothing has changed. They seemed to be really nice and friendly so hoped for an improvement.


Hi Jason - No I haven't been to their new location....folks have told me it's gotten even worse? I do have it on my list though. Also, word on the street is that the owner is trying to sell.

It seems that way Jack. Sad.....

Soo @ hungryones

Hmm... Meat sweats doesn't sound too bad to eat that delicious looking roast pork... You probably work too hard and deserve a nap anyways!


I totally deserve a daily siesta Soo! Not sure about having meat sweats during meetings though....


Oh wow. That's a meal for two!

Too bad DH still has issues. Will steer clear.


Or 3 Junichi..... They are struggling at Dumpling Hut....too bad. Nice people.

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