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Tuesday, 15 September 2015



Oh my the food looks decadent. Communal dining blows...Why the F bother coming to a restaurant with food issues? Just go eat at McDs


there is often communal seating in Japan, but people with food issues are rarely seen. that beef cheek with all that sauce :( everything else sounded wonderful!


Totally Billy!

This was a really good meal Kat. And we've shared tables in Japan with folks, but everyone minds their own business....and of course speaks with their "inside voices".

Ning Wei Wang

I am Ning Wei Wang. I love these food. The meal was excellent. Yummy,yummy. I love eating in this environment.For everyone,
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Wow, you can almost see the bitter and sour in the Beef Cheek Bourguinon sauce from your photo.

Soo @ hungryones

Nice short rib! It's my go to dish at Roy's. I miss the roses and the cool breakfast places. I should go back...

Two Foodie - One Journey

You might also look into their cookbook which is really nice (and covers some of your dishes or at least variation theirof).


I didn't care for the beef cheek either, agree about the sauce. I would recommend going near when they open and just grabbing a seat at the counter that rings the kitchen. But I find all these type of preps boring with braised lean cuts of meat. zzzzz.

Had an incredible foie gras chicken pot pie there.


Hi Jan - Yeah, not my favorite thing....

Meh on Roy's Soo...guess I'd had it too many times back home in Hawaii.

Hey TFOJ - I actually have that book on my list; though have gotten Scook, Toro Bravo, and a couple of others instead...I'll get to it eventually.

Hey Clayfu - I hope all is well. I'll disagree about those braised lean cuts. Some of the cuts we had in Spain were takes some skill to really make those cuts shine and when they do the outcome is very good.


I remember dining at Yakyudori back when they 1st opened and only serving ramen + some apps when a lone diner walks in, declares that he is vegan and asks the waitress what he can eat there. She said the white rice. Looking discouraged he left.


The Lone Vegan....Hi-ho Silver and away!!! LOL Junichi!

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