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Friday, 18 September 2015


Ning Wei Wang

It is amazing!!As always, your article let me have a good dream and memory. The restaruant is located in a beautiful city.We can take a walk on the street. The beef is interesting, I am looking for a fairy tale restaruant in my heart.I got it!!!If I can enjoy the food in this good environment, I will write a short poem.

Christina C

Wow, the food looks amazing. I always fall in love with Portland. Fun, funky, green, they love food. I like your wife's style. If you walk everywhere you get to eat whatever you want :-)

Jim Osaki

If you are still in Portland (or during your visit), you must have lunch at Big Ass Sandwiches


I hope you find that restaurant Ning!

We have been bitten by the Portland bug Christina. And yes.....all that walking means that I earn my food and even lose weight on trips to boot.

Hi Jim - We're back home now, but I've put your recommendation on my list. Thanks!


Simple is a hard thing to do. I wished I'd visited Portland....


That's so true Billy...... You can still visit Portland and I hope you have the chance!


That dog gives me the creeps!


Kind of spooky huh CC? For some reason, the dog's feet gives me the creeps as well....


we often do these types of walks but I somehow feel achy after reading this:)


Probably not as achy as I do Kat!


Do you remember where you saw the Ronald McDonald? At first, I thought I had seen it in Portland this summer. Then I was looking through my photos, and realized I had seen the same Ronald McDonald at this year's Comic-Con.


Hi Sandy - It was in the window of some hipster sportswhere store in Downtown Portland near the Paramount hotel. Maybe there are more than one of these? Must be kind of strange for you seeing this....

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