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Thursday, 10 September 2015


Ning Wei Wang

I am Ning Wei Wang. I love these sandwiches and cakes.Swiss cheese, very delicious!!In Chinese restaruants,traditional masters always put the cheese cakes with some vegetable soup together. We have a special name: Chuncai soup.The soup is not only for the traditional chinese cook, but for all visitors in the West Lake(a famous place in the southern part of the China). Currently, according to these masters'statements, we put some cheese in our soup. Life in the cheese cakes is very happy, how can it be otherwise? yummy, yummy, ning

Soo @ hungryones

Cool review! Never knew that about the owner. I like going there for potato balls and cake. :-)


My sis and I like this place a lot. I like their meat pies and their fanciful desserts.


This has been on my 'must go' list for so long. All those pastries look amazing. We've been burnt out (& disappointed) with the desserts at Extraordinary Desserts lately so Azucar would be a great place to try now.

Ning Wei Wang

I am Ning Wei Wang. I love this place too. We have several places in China, but we have two names: cake store and Chinese cuisine restaruant. They are completely different. You can't find some sandwiches or hamburgers in the food restaruants instead of chinese traditional food. Of course, you can try some dishes and snack in the cake store or Cafe. Very interesting!!If you enjoy my opinion, I will share with you. Can you tell me your blog or E-mail address?(for everyone) yummy, yummy, Ning


Thanks, Soo. I couldn't find a photo of the potato balls, and didn't want to drive down toward the beach over the long weekend, or in this weather...because I can guarantee there would be no place to park the car.

We really like the savory items and 'crusts' of just about everything here, cc. The desserts are so good and The Mister and I try to share...making our choosing process more of a negotiation.

Oh, I think you would like it Faye (once the Summertime heat and associated crowds are back to school and work). Azucar is a bakery, but the Cuban undertones make it unique. Always fresh items also...

You've commented twice on the same post, Ning! As you can see, we write about common foods and places where we have eaten. You could do that (start a blog) for readers in your part of China. We could then link it, as we have linked many blogs over in the right column of this page. Even though you know about a place or a certain type of food, others might not, that's what makes blogging interesting-informing the reader.

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