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Monday, 24 August 2015



oh no!:(


I know Kat. What a disappointment.


You may have to change your moniker to mmm-notsoyoso. :)


Yeah over fried tonkatsu is like over fried chicken wings. There's no saving em after they reach a certain fry threshold in my opinion. I haven't visited Kayaba in years. We tried their tempura udon one time and it was pretty bad.


Bummer about the crappy meal. :(


That's just sad......... A tonkatsu bento from Nijiya reheated probably would've been better.


Perhaps Jan...perhaps.....

Have you tried their Tonkatsu Faye? It was the best thing they made...until now of course.

Yeah was......

I wouldn't have even needed to reheat it Junichi......

hannah j

That's some sad Katsu.... We should meet up again for some good katsu somewhere!!!


We should Hannah....or good whatever. You're still in San Diego then?

hannah j

Yes Kirk still in SD. Moved to University Heights and really loving it. My partner Devon and I would love to meet up sometime soon.


Sounds great Hannah!

Jim Gottlieb

My favorite tonkatsu in town is at Izakaya Masa. Tastes just like the best of 'em at home in Tōkyō.


Hey Jim - I've had the Buta Kushiage at Masa but not the tonkatsu. For some reason, I'm not overly impressed by most of what they make. Thanks for the rec though.

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