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Monday, 31 August 2015



This is going to sound like a dumb question, but is the name "Hinotez" pronounced like "high notes"? I keep wanting to say "hee-no-tez" and am not sure if I'm supposed to be correcting that to "high notes." (Obviously not a big issue, but it gets annoying after a while.) Thanks.

Ning Wei Wang

I am Ning Wei Wang, an former student of Ed(from Yuma).I love your food blog, different delicious food from different country. Yummy! Do you know? I am writing an article about food history now. thank you for sharing your stories! Yummy, Yummy!


Hi Jessica - Coming from a Nikkeijin, your second pronounciation is better. "Hee" not "Hi".

Thanks Ning. I'm glad you enjoy the blog.


Gotta love the nostalgic foods from childhood. For me, it's congee. My dad would make it almost every sunday. Initially when I was young, I hated it. But I slowly grew to love it. Like you, I crave it every once in a while and I'm glad Hinotez is able to scratch that itch for you!


Dear Kirk,

I am a long time reader -- since 2005 when I moved to SD, but first time commenter. I love all your posts, but this was the first one that
brought tears to my eyes (even though I am yet to acquire a taste for either raw eggs or natto :)).

Absolutely beautiful.




am bummed I never really got to know my father's parents, would've loved to see/experience the kinds of foods they had while working in the cane fields of the Big Island. glad that this place gives you close to what you crave, next time you come to Japan, you should eat more TKG(tamago kake gohan)


Hi Jason - The true meaning of comfort food! Thanks for sharing!

Hi Ranjit - Thanks so much for the kind words and taking the time to (finally!) comment. Thank you for reading our little blog all these years. Let me just say, I'm truly touched by your comment!

Hi Kat - Those are near and dear memories for me......and I'm sure I'll get my fill when we return to Japan!


Awesome post. Great start to the next 3k.


Hinotez has some misses on their menu but overall one of my favorite late night joints in SD. Never had their breakfast though.

J.S. @ Sun Diego Eats

Lovely post Kirk, that was a great read. Haven't tried natto or tororo yet but I hear they are both acquired tastes.


the other commenters are right, this is a sweet post =) thank you for sharing, and that breakfast really does sound delicious!


Thanks Kyle....I didn't know this little post would get such a nice response! Thanks for reading!

So true Junichi. But it's their simple Japanese breakfast I enjoy the most.

They are JS.....but you might like it, you never know, right?

Hi Lynnea - This type of breakfast does have a strong pull on me. Haven't heard from you in a bit, I hope all is well!

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