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Sunday, 23 August 2015



Thats impressive that they bake their baguettes on premises. Not sure if any banh mi shops do that here in Seattle.


Hi Kyle - That, and the prices ($3.50 - though it used to be even cheaper) are the keyy selling points for Cali Express.


So sad, yesterday morning would've been a K-Sandwich morning...except it doesn't exist...K had a great shrimp sandwich on the menu; I have photos. We thought about Cali Express, but it wasn't open yet. The search is on to find a similar quality, variety (and maybe price point).


Yeah, to echo Kathy it's too bad what happened to K Sandwiches. Hopefully they rebuild soon and can rejoin the sunday sandwiches again.

Soo H

That crispy pork looks tasty! Are the flavors similar to what you get from the carnitas in a carnitas taco?


Did Zgara last night. We did the mixed platter, just to get a feel for the place. Pork and chicken were incredible! Also had sausage that was super good (fatty and lemony). Bacon wrapped chicken was good but forgettable. Will definitely continue to support this place for the wraps as the spit meats were delicious.
10 years this month that I've been "following" you Kirk and you've never steered me awry. Sorry to be cheesy, but your blog has made my time in San Diego so much richer!


great array of sandwiches!


I'm hoping they rebuild Cathy.....I mean; where are all those guys going for their morning coffee and socializing?

Hi Jason - Hopefully they'll rebuild.

Hi Soo - Ummm, well, more like a crisp Al Pastor with a different set of seasonings.

Thanks for reading all these years (a decade) Campy! I'm glad you've been able to find some good places to eat.....

These were quite enjoyable Kat!


i just walked past supernatural sandwiches not too long ago as i was getting food (i got some stuff from rigoberto's) to take across the street to st. archer brewery where hubby and i were reading our books (and having some beer). i've been wanting to try their (supernatural sandwich's) version of lobster roll which i read about... supposedly has some umami butter and za'atar for seasoning. i'd be surprised if we haven't walked right past you before at some time (or almost ran into your car in the crazy parking lot at o'brien's or seen you at mitsuwa). we eat at a lot of the same places (well you and missus just eat at a lot of places but some are places we go too). like nobody else i know has said they've gone to supernatural sandwiches in the past month... anyway i might have to try the siren too except only if they can ramp down the heat some.


Hi Dancing - I'm pretty sure we've crossed paths over the years....perhaps several times. Funny, huh? The lobster roll was pretty good, though the price somewhat prohibitive for daily consumption.

Though it's so rich; you probably don't want to be eating it all the time!


oooh after seeing your pic of the lobster roll from supernatural, i REALLY want to try it. your pic makes it look better than the pic i saw (the pic i saw was on some article about san diego's best lobster rolls). and yes they are so expensive here though! for the price, they better be good! i recently got a lobster roll from lobster west in encinitas. very good if you are looking for a good lobster roll. $12 but worth it to pay $6 extra for extra lobster meat which was almost double the amount of meat. so basically $18. i never had a lobster roll until we went to maine last year (so close to NH/VT so we just drove over). so spoiled because of course lobster rolls in maine are the best. but lobster west's was good and next time we go to st. archer i'm going to get one at supernatural! your blog is the best food/travel blog though.


Let me know how you like it Dancing!

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